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Massage is an ancient form of healing with a rich history in all parts of the world. Massage therapy may be considered a luxury to some, but massage has been shown to provide people with an abundance of both short and long term benefits. Due to its varied benefits, massage therapy has become an accepted part of many physical therapy programs, and as a form of complementary therapy for many medical conditions. When you consider how beneficial therapeutic massage can be to our physical and mental well-being, massage isn’t a luxury - it's an excellent investment in your long-term self-care!  

Raleigh’s Leading Massage Center

Nothing relaxes the mind and soothes your muscles like a therapeutic massage at LaVida Massage of Raleigh. LaVida Massage is the premier massage therapy center in Raleigh, also servicing the areas of Wake Forest, North Raleigh and Rolesville for North Carolina residents. Our certified massage therapists are masters at their craft and take massage therapy to whole new level! They will listen to your concerns, learn your problem areas, and address any issues you may be facing regarding your health - they are experienced in customizing treatments to your specific needs.

We offer the following modalities and more:

  • • Swedish Massage
  • • Deep Tissue Massage
  • • Hot Stone Massage
  • • Prenatal Massage
  • • Sports Massage
  • • Couples Massage
  • • Corporate Massage
  • • Chair Massage

How Can LaVida Massage of Raleigh Help You?

If you’re like most people, you’ve experienced tightness or soreness in an area of your body at least once. In fact, studies have shown that over 80% of people will suffer from some form of back or muscular pain at some point in their life. Not only does massage help manage pain, but routine therapeutic massage can help loosen muscles and make joints more fluid - making your body less prone to injury.

Massage therapy provides the following physical benefits to the body:

  • • Increases circulation
  • • Manages pain
  • • Helps with injury rehabilitation
  • • Reduces heart rate
  • • Relieves headaches
  • • Enhances the body’s immunity
  • • Improves your body’s range of motion

Massage therapy can be a powerful ally when it comes to your healthcare regimen. Almost 90% of diseases are stress-related. While it’s impossible to remove stress from your life at all times, massage can definitely provide you with the emotional balance to help manage stress when you need it.

The mental and emotional benefits therapeutic massage can provide include:

  • • Decreased anxiety
  • • Reduced fatigue
  • • Increased energy
  • • Increased circulation
  • • Enhanced sleep quality
  • • Improved concentration

Do Your Body a World of Good!

Similar to a healthy diet and exercise, the more often you receive a massage, the greater the benefits. The beauty of LaVida Massage of Raleigh is that we’re dedicated to working around your busy schedule to ensure you receive the self-care that you need - we offer convenient online booking, and are open 7 days a week with extended hours that include evenings and weekends. Participating in routine massage therapy and regularly scheduled self-care can dramatically improve your health and well-being. Contact LaVida Massage of Raleigh today to establish a treatment schedule that best meets your unique needs!



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LaVida Massage of Raleigh, NC is your source for the best chair, corporate, couples, prenatal, relaxation, Swedish, sports and deep tissue massage therapy services available. Our trained and licensed therapists are also skilled at performing trigger point therapy and reflexology treatments for clients in the Raleigh area. We are conveniently located near the intersection of Wakefield Pines and Falls of Neuse Road in North Raleigh's Wakefield area.